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Recently added:                                        Video
Kenny G - Three of a Kind - sop/alto/tenor            
Dave Koz - Cuban Hideaway - alto
Kirk Whalum - Bedouin's Paradise - tenor               
Diogo Pinheiro - Don't Know Why - alto                 
Norman King - The First Noel - soprano                 
Pete Christlieb - From Russia With Love - tenor       
Mindi Abair - Kick Ass - alto                                  


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ARTIST                 SONG                    INSTRUMENT
Aaron Bing - Keep It Movin - soprano          (Album: Secret Place)                       Listen
Abdullah Ibrahim - Mannenberg - tenor         (Album: Voices of Africa)                  Video
Adam Carillo - Have You Met Miss Jones - alto           (YouTube:  )  
Adele - Rolling in the Deep - tenor                                                                         Listen
Alan Sax - Wicked Game - alto                                                                            Listen
Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat - alto                                                                     Listen
Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again - alto                                              Video
Allen Stone - Unaware - tenor sax cover                                                                Video
Almartino Carena - Ombre Di Luna - alto                                                              Video
Andrea Bocelli - Besame Mucho - vocal transposed to alto/tenor                   Listen          Video
Andy Gayle - One Love - soprano       (YouTube:
Art Porter - Autumn in Europe - soprano         (Album: Straight to the Point)     
Art Porter - Inside Myself - soprano                (Album: Pocket City)                      Listen
AWB - Pick up the Pieces - tenor & alto     (Album:  The Best of AWB)     
AWB - Soul Mine - tenor                  (Album: Soul Tattoo)                                     Listen
Bad Manners - Lip Up Fatty - alto                                                                        Listen
Bad Manners - Special Brew - tenor                                                                     Listen
Basil Coetzee - Black & Brown Cherries - tenor     (Album: Black Lightning)          Video
Beyonce - Halo - alto & tenor           (YouTube:  ) 
Bill Withers - Use Me - alto, soprano, tenor    (Album: Motown-Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals)    Listen
Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love - alto                                          Video
Bob Marley - Stir It Up - tenor             YouTube                                           Audio         Video
Boney James - Ain't No Sunshine - soprano      (Album: Seduction)
Boney James - Creepin - soprano        (Album:  Trust )   
Boney James - Dedication - soprano         (Album: Shine)             
Boney James - Grazin in the Grass - tenor      (Album: Shake It Up)   
Boney James - Hold On Tight - tenor           (Album: Send One Your Love)           Video
Boney James - Kyoto - soprano          (Album: Trust)  
Boney James - Road Runner - alto         (Album: Trust)                                           Video
Boney James - You Never Know - soprano      (Jim Brickman album)                     Video
Booker Ervin - White Christmas - tenor                                                                  Video
Boots Randolph - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - tenor                           Listen
Branford Marsalis - Jabberwocky - alto     (Album:  Metamorphosen)                      Listen
Branford Marsalis - O Solitude- alto & tenor      (Album: Braggtown)    
Branford Marsalis - Roxanne - soprano         (Live with Sting 1985)                       Listen
Branford Marsalis - The Russia House - soprano                                                    Listen
Brian Smith - Moonlight Sax Medley - tenor & soprano                                         Listen
Brian Smith - Songbird - tenor                                                                               Listen
Bryan Smith - Georgia on my Mind - alto       (YouTube:  ) 
Candy Dulfer - 2 Funky - alto          (Album: Sax A Go-Go)                                   Video
Candy Dulfer - Cookie - alto                                                                                  Listen
Candy Dulfer - Don't Go - alto     (Album: Funked Up & Chilled Out)
Candy Dulfer - Everytime - alto                     (YouTube:  )    
Candy Dulfer - Flame - alto                 (Album: Crazy)                                           Listen
Candy Dulfer - For the Love of You - alto                                                              Video
Candy Dulfer - I Can't Make You Love Me -  alto       (Live)                                 Video
Candy Dulfer - La Cabana  - alto                (Album: Candy Store)                          Listen
Candy Dulfer - Lets Get It On - alto              (YouTube: )   
Candy Dulfer - N.J. Turnpike - alto                 (Album: Funked Up and Chilled Out)
Candy Dulfer - Pick up the Pieces - alto          (Album: Sax-a-Go-Go)                   Listen
Candy Dulfer - Wish You Were Here - alto        (Album: For the Love of You)        Listen
Charlez360 - Come Away With Me - tenor       (YouTube)                                     Video
Charlez360 - Let Her Go - alto   (Passenger)   (YouTube)                                      Video
Charlez360 - Thank You  (Dido) - tenor           (YouTube)                                      Video
Charlie Duran - Creo en Ti - alto                                                                            Video
Charlie Mariano - Shout - alto           (Album: Mirror)                                            Listen
Charlie Rouse - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - tenor                                       Video
Charlie Rouse - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - tenor   (alt version)                  Video
Chick Corea - Spain - flute by Joe Farrell       (Album: Light As A Feather)            Listen
Chris Potter - Amsterdam Sax Test - alto           (YouTube: )
Chris Potter - Janie Runaway - alto                    (YouTube: )
Chris Vadala - Give It All You Got - tenor                         (Album: Fun & Games)
Chuck Mangione - Give It All You Got - flugelhorn           (Album: Fun & Games)       
Clayton Brothers - Chicago Bop Steppin - alto                     
Clayton Brothers - The New Song and Dance - alto                                                Listen
Coleman Hawkins & Charlie Parker - Ballad / 1950 - tenor & alto                         Listen
Dan Faulk - Carolyn - tenor      (Album:  J.J. Johnson - "Heroes")    first 4:30          Listen
Daniel Kovavich - El Dia Que Me Quieras - alto       (YouTube)                              Video
Dave Koz - Awakenings - soprano          (Album: Off the Beaten Path)                    Video
Dave Koz - Beneath the Moonlit Sky - soprano      (Album:  A Smooth Jazz Christmas)  
Dave Koz - Cuban Hideaway - alto     (Album: The Dance)
Dave Koz - Know You By Heart - alto                  (Album: The Dance)                 Listen
Dave Koz - Misty - solo alto   (Album: Lucky Man)                                                Listen
Dave Koz - Misty - background saxes  alto/2tenors/bari    (Album: Lucky Man) 
Dave Koz - Schindler's List - soprano      (Album: At The Movies)                         Video
Dave Pietro - All The Things You Are - alto     first 4:00    (Live @ Saxquest)         Video
David Davis - Crazy - alto           (Album: An R&B Edge)
David Davis - Moonlighting - alto      (Album: An R&B Edge)     
Davis Davis - Sexyback - alto           (Album: Pop Droppin It)
David Davis - Talk to Me - alto         (Album: An R&B Edge)                               Listen
David Newman - Cristo Redentor - alto       (Album: Davey Blue)                          Video
David Newman - Hit the Road Jack - tenor    (I Remember Brother Ray)               Video
David Sanborn - A Tear for Crystal - alto    (Album: Backstreet)      
David Sanborn - Backstreet - alto            (Album: Backstreet)                               Video
David Sanborn - Benny - alto                    (Album: Upfront)                                   Listen
David Sanborn - Black Light - alto             (Album: Taking Off)
David Sanborn - Come Rain or Come Shine - alto       (Album: Pearls)        
David Sanborn - Georgia On My Mind - alto       (Album: Hearsay)
David Sanborn - Isn't She Lovely - alto              (Album: Time Again)         
David Sanborn - It's You - alto               (Album: Double Vision)                           Video
David Sanborn- Joann's Song - alto        (Tequila Sunrise soundtrack)                    Video
David Sanborn - Nobody Does it Better - alto        (Album: Pearls)
David Sanborn - Pearls - alto                                 (Album: Pearls)    
David Sanborn - Pick up the Pieces - alto & tenor    (Album: Kenny G - At Last/The Duets Album) 
David Sanborn - Slam - alto             (Album: Best of David Sanborn)                      Listen
David Sanborn - Star Fire - alto           (Album: Beck & Sanborn)                           Listen
David Sanborn - Willow Weep for Me - alto            (Album: Pearls)                        Listen
Dean Fraser - Day O - soprano         (Album: More Reggae for Kids)                     Listen
Dennis Marcellino - Summertime - tenor    (Album: A Night To Remember)            Video
Diego Anibaldi - Canta al Seņor - alto          (Album: Mi Deseo)                             Video
Diogo Pinheiro - Don't Know Why (Norah Jones cover) - alto     (YouTube)          Video
The Eagles - You Belong To The City - alto         (YouTube Live 1995)                   Video
Earth, Wind & Fire - Sun Goddess - tenor solo                                                      Video
Eddie Harris - Do Like Eddie - tenor      (YouTube: )  
Eddie Harris - Listen Here - tenor     (Album: The Electrifying Eddie Harris)  
Edgar Abraham - Mirame Mas - tenor                                                         Audio         Video
Edgar Winter - Harlem Nocturne - alto                YouTube                                     Video
Edgar Winter - Over the Rainbow - alto               YouTube                                     Video
Elan Trotman - Heaven In Your Eyes - tenor        (Album: Love & Sax)                   Video
Elan Trotman - Master Blaster - tenor    (Album: Tropicality)                                   Video
El Grupo 7 - Abusadora - alto                                                                                Video
Emilio Castillo - Solo on "Squib Cakes" - tenor    (Album: Poncho Sanchez-Do It!)        Listen
Eric Darius - If I Ain't Got You - alto       (Album:  Just Getting Started)                 Listen
Eric Darius - Uptown Swagger - alto     (Album: On A Mission)                             Video
Eric Marienthal - Cafe Royale - alto       (Album: It's Love)                                    Video
Eric Marienthal - Chameleon - alto      (YouTube)                                         Audio        Video
Eric Marienthal - Compared to What - alto     (YouTube: )   
Eric Marienthal - Compared to What - alto    (Album: Got You Covered) 
Eric Marienthal - Get Here - alto              (Album: It's Love)  
Eric Marienthal - Have I Told You Lately - alto         (Album: Street Dance)            Listen
Eric Marienthal - Hit the Ground Running - alto         (YouTube:
Eric Marienthal - Hold On My Heart - soprano/alto   (Album: Street Dance)           Video
Eric Marienthal & Andre Paganelli - Holy Holy Holy - 2 alto parts                          Video
Eric Marienthal - Moody's Mood for Love - alto    (Got You Covered)                   Video
Eric Marienthal - New York State of Mind - alto       (Album: Got You Covered)          Listen
Eric Marienthal - Open Road - alto       (Album: Just Around the Corner)      
Eric Marienthal - Stand By Me - alto          (Album: Got You Covered)     
Eric Marienthal - That's How We Roll - alto     (Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band)      Video
Ernesto Aurignac - El Dia Que Me Quieras - alto    (Malaga Jazz Festival 2011)               
Ernie Watts - Lady - alto        (Album: Chariots of Fire) 
Ernie Watts - Zephyr - alto          (Live in Montreal 1991)                                    Video
Etta James - At Last - vocal transposed to tenor & alto                                        Video
Euge Groove - A Summer's Nights Dream - soprano      (Album: Born to Groove)     Listen 
Euge Groove - Cabolicious - soprano     (Album: Livin Large)                               Video
Euge Groove - Chillaxin - soprano     (Album: Just Feels Right)       -first 3:45-
Euge Groove - Just Feels Right - soprano        (Album: Just Feels Right)  
Euge Groove - Slow Jam - tenor    (Live in London)                                                Video
Euge Groove - Tenderly - soprano               (Album: Sunday Morning)                    Video    
Euge Groove - The Funky Bunch - tenor              (Album: S7ven Large)
Everette Harp - Dancing With You - alto       (Album: For The Love)                     Video
Everette Harp - He'll Never Leave - soprano     (first 3:55)                                    Video
Everette Harp - Hey Yeh - alto     (Album:  All For You)          (YouTube:  )  
Everette Harp - There's Still Hope - soprano        (Album: Everette Harp)            Video
Everette Harp - When I Think Of You - soprano        (Album: Everette Harp) 
Fausto Pappetti - Lovers - alto          
Fausto Pappetti - Moon Flower - soprano                                                            Video
Fausto Papetti - Stranger in the Night - alto                                                           Listen
Fefita la Grande - Pambiche Tranquilo - alto                                                          Listen 
Fefita la Grande - Tengo un Lio - alto                                                                    Listen 
Freddie Hubbard - Devil's Island - trumpet     (Album: Wayne Shorter-Giants of Jazz)        Listen
Freddy Just - Careless Whisper - alto             (YouTube: )
Gary Bartz - My Shining Hour - alto     (Album: Roy Hargrove-Approaching Standards)
Gato Barbieri - India - tenor                 (Album: The Impulse Story)
Gato Barbieri - I Want You - tenor          (Album: Caliente) 
Gato Barbieri - Milonga Triste - tenor       (Album: The Impulse Story)
Gene Ammons - I Sold My Heart to the Junkman - tenor    (Album:  Gentle Jug Vol. 2)       Listen
Gene Ammons - Savoy - tenor    (Album:  Boss Tenor)         
George Howard - Exodus - soprano      (Album: Midnight Mood)                         Video
George Howard - When A Child Smiles - soprano     (When Summer Comes)   
George Katsaros - A Friend Came From the Past - alto                                         Listen
George Katsaros - Bamboleo - alto                                                                       Listen
Geovanny Polanco - Piel de Gallina - alto         (Album:  Lindo Amanecer)            Listen
Gerald Albright - Bermuda Nights - alto         (Album: Bermuda Nights)        
Gerald Albright - Capetown Strut - alto          (Album: Pushing the Envelope)
Gerald Albright - Cheaper to Keep Her - tenor      (Album: Sax for Stax)
Gerald Albright - Chips N Salsa - Leadsheet in C and Eb        (Album: Giving Myself to You)
Gerald Albright - C Jamm Blues - alto     (Album: Live at Birdland West) 
Gerald Albright - From the Soul - alto    (Album: Pushing the Envelope)                 Listen
Gerald Albright - G and Lee - alto        (Album: Smooth)  
Gerald Albright - Georgia on my Mind - alto    (Album: New Beginnings)               Listen  
Gerald Albright - Georgia on my Mind (Reprise) - alto     (New Beginnings)          Video
Gerald Albright - Get on the Floor - tenor        (Album: Pushing the Envelope)       Listen
Gerald Albright - Groovology - alto           (Album: Groovology)                            Video
Gerald Albright - My My My - alto                                                                        Listen 
Gerald Albright - One More Night - alto             (YouTube: )   
Gerald Albright - Oo Pah Doo -  Leadsheet in C and Eb        (Album: Giving Myself to You)
Gerald Albright - Pick Up The Pieces - alto    (Phil Collins Big Band-Live)             Video
Gerald Albright - Samba Queen - Leadsheet in C and Eb       (Album: Giving Myself to You)
Gerald Albright - Sax for Stax  (Improvisation Intro-Live)      first 2:55     (YouTube: )   
Gerald Albright - So Amazing - alto           (Album: Very Best of Gerald Albright)  
Gerald Albright - Tenor solo on Impressions   (Album: Live at Birdland West)        Listen
Gerald Albright - To The Max - alto     (Album: Kickin It Up)                                           Listen
Gerald Albright - Walker's Theme - tenor    (Album: Kickin It Up)                                Listen
Gerald Albright - Walkin Down Beale St - alto & tenor       (Album: Sax for Stax)
Gerald Albright - Who's Making Love - tenor    (Album: Sax for Stax)                    Video
Gerald Albright - Winelight - alto         (To Grover, With Love)                                Video
Greg Vail - Equinox - tenor                               (YouTube: )  
Greg Vail - Sugar - tenor                                  (YouTube:  )
Greg Vail - When Sunny Gets Blue - tenor        (YouTube: )    
Grover Washington Jr. - Asia's Theme - tenor & soprano       (Album: Paradise)   
Grover Washington Jr. - Black Frost - tenor   (Album: Mister Magic)                      Listen

Grover Washington Jr. - Black Coffee - tenor        (YouTube:  )
Grover Washington Jr. - Can You Stop the Rain - soprano    (Album: Soulful Strut)               Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - E Preciso Perdoar - soprano     (Album: All My Tomorrows)            Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Friendship - soprano                                                 Listen       Video
Grover Washington Jr. - Jamming - alto     (Album:  GW Jr.  Gold)     -first 3:00-       
Grover Washington Jr. - Juffure - tenor      (Album: Live at the Bijou)  
Grover Washington Jr. - Loran's Dance - tenor        (Album: Reed Seed)                Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Maracas Beach - tenor      (Album: Reed Seed)
Grover Washington Jr. - Mercy Mercy Me - alto     (Album: Inner City Blues)            Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Mystical Force - alto   (Album: Soulful Strut)  -first 3:15-
Grover Washington Jr. - Overjoyed - soprano     (Album: All My Tomorrows)         Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Paradise - soprano             (Album: Paradise)
Grover Washington Jr. - Reaching Out - soprano      (Album: Come Morning)
Grover Washington Jr. - Sausalito - soprano        (Album: Live at the Bijou)
Grover Washington Jr. - Tell Me About It Now - tenor      (Album: Paradise)          Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - The Answer In Your Eyes - tenor       (Album: Paradise)
Grupo Liberacion - La Burbuja - alto         (YouTube: )  
Grupo Tiburon - Toca El Saxo - alto                                                                      Listen
Heavy Shift - 90 Degrees in the Shade - alto                                                            Video
Ian Boyter - All of Me - alto                                                                                   Video
Ian Boyter - All of Me - tenor               (YouTube: )
Ian Boyter - Besame Mucho - tenor                                                                        Video
Ian Boyter - Blue Moon - tenor                                                                               Video
Ian Boyter - Summertime - tenor                                                                              Video
Ian Boyter - Sunny - tenor                                                                                       Video
Ike Quebec - Goin Home - tenor             (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba) 
Ike Quebec - Imagination - tenor              
Ike Quebec - Loie - tenor                        (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba) 
Ike Quebec - Me N You - tenor              (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba)  
Jackiem Joyner - A Gentle Walk on Water - alto     (Album: Evolve)
Jackiem Joyner - Share My Tears - alto           (Album: Babysoul) 
James B. Smith - L.A. After Dark - trumpet    (Album: The Legend of Teddy Edwards)      Listen
James Carter - Dodo's Bounce - flute     (Album: Present Tense)                            Listen
Jay Kim - Still I Rise - alto             (YouTube)                                                        Video
Jazz Jamaica - Dewey Square - alto head & solo    (Album: Double Barrel)            Video
Jeff Kashiwa - Peace of Mind - soprano     (Album: Peace of Mind)                       Video
Jessy J - Hot Sauce - tenor           (Album: Hot Sauce)                                           Video
Jessy J - Meant To Be - tenor       (Album: Hot Sauce)                                           Video
Jessy J - Tropical Rain - tenor       (Album: True Love)                                           Video
Jessy J - True Love - tenor           (Album: True Love) 
Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath - flute solo       (Album: Aqualung)
Jimmy Sommers - Europa - tenor      (Album: Time Stands Still)                              Listen
Joe Farrell - Spain - flute            (Album: Light As A Feather)                                 Listen
Joe McGlohon - Sunday Kind of Love - tenor   (Album: Reba Live)                        Listen
Joe Romano - God Bless the Child - alto          (Album: Buddy Rich - Stick It)        Listen
John Coltrane - I'm Old Fashioned - tenor     (Album: Blue Train)     
Johnny Ventura - Salsa Pa' Tu Lechon - alto, tenor, 2 trumpets                               Listen
Johnny Ventura - Zapatos Bailaos - alto   (Album:  Siempre)      -merengue-           Listen
John Tesh Project - Broken Wings - alto sax                                                          Video
Jon Hassell - Nature Boy - trumpet / flute               (YouTube:
Jon Olejnik - B flat blues - tenor             (YouTube)                                   Audio             Video
Jools Holland - Enjoy Yourself - alto                                                                       Listen
Jori Jerez - Merengue Solo - alto          (YouTube:  )
Joshua Redman - Double Jeopardy - Leadsheet in C and Bb     (Album: Momentum) 
Joshua Redman - Greasy G - tenor   (Album: Momentum) 
Joshua Redman - I Got You - tenor    (Album: Joshua Redman)  
Joshua Redman - Last Rites of Rock and Roll     (Album: Beyond)                           Listen
Juan Luis Guerra - Canto de Hacha - alto                                                               Listen
Juan Luis Guerra - El Farolito - alto                                                        
Juan Luis Guerra - La Cosquillita - alto                                                                   Listen
Justin Ward - If I Ain't Got You - tenor                                                                    Video
Kaori Kobayashi - Endless Love - alto       (Album: Seventh)                                Video
Kaori Kobayashi - Energy - alto               (YouTube: ) 
Kaori Kobayashi - Nothings Gonna Change My Love - alto     (YouTube:  )  
Kaori Kobayashi - Passing Lane - alto             (Album: Golden Best)
Kaori Kobayashi - Sunset Ocean - alto              (Album: Golden Best)                    Listen
Kenneth Williams - Ribbon in the Sky - soprano                                                     Video
Kenny G - At Last - tenor      (Album: The Duets Album)                                       Listen
Kenny G - Champagne - tenor                                                                               Video
Kenny G - Esther - soprano        (Album: Live)                                                       Video    
Kenny G - Everytime I Close My Eyes - soprano      (Album: Greatest Hits) 
Kenny G - Peruvian Nights - soprano     (Album: Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - Pick up the Pieces feat. David Sanborn - tenor & alto     (Album:  At Last/The Duets Album)
Kenny G - Sabor a Mi - soprano              (Album: Rhythm & Romance) 
Kenny G - Salsa Kenny - soprano           (Album: Rhythm & Romance) 
Kenny G - Sax o Loco - Leadsheet in C and Bb            (Album: Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - Tango - soprano                      (Album:  Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - The Girl From Ipanema - tenor             (Album: Classics in the Key of G) 
Kenny G - The Shadow of Your Smile - soprano     ( YouTube: )
Kenny G - Three of a Kind - soprano/alto/tenor     (Album: Duotones)                   Listen
Kenny Garrett - Brother Hubbard - alto  (Album: Songbok)   Head & 1st solo
Kenny Garrett - Charlie Brown goes to South Africa - alto       (Album:  Simply Said)  
Kenny Garrett - Delta Bali Blues - soprano               (Album: Simply Said)
Kenny Garrett - Happy People - alto    (Album:  Happy People)                             Listen
Kenny Garrett - Last Sax - alto   (Album: Black Hope)               
Kenny Garrett - Ms. Baja - alto   (Album: Songbook)  
Kenny Garrett - Native Tongue - alto     (Album:  Standard of Language)  
Kenny Garrett - Organized Colors - alto    (Album: Simply Said)     
Kenny Garrett - Simply Said - soprano    (Album: Simply Said) 
Kenny Garrett - Sing a Song of Song - alto        (Album: Songbook)
Kenny Garrett - Song for Difang - alto     (Album: Happy People)  
Kenny Garrett - Straight Street - alto   (Album: African Exchange Student)  
Kenny Garrett - Tango in 6 - alto        (Album: Happy People) 
Kenny Garrett - The House that Nat Built - alto    (Album: Songbook) 
Kim Waters - In The Groove - alto     (Album: In The Groove) 
Kim Waters - Peaceful Journey - soprano        (Album: Peaceful Journey)
Kim Waters - Soulful Strut - soprano     (Album: One Special Moment)
Kim Waters - Steppin Out - soprano   (Album:  All For Love)
Kim Waters - Sunny - soprano             (Album: Love's Melody)                             Video
Kim Waters - You Are My Lady - soprano          (Album: You Are My Lady)
King Curtis - Night Train - tenor                                                                             Listen
Kirk Whalum - Afterthought - tenor               (Album: Roundtrip)
Kirk Whalum & Ron Brown - Amazing Grace - tenor & alto        (YouTube: ) 
Kirk Whalum - Another Beautiful Day - tenor     (Album: Into My Soul)                Video
Kirk Whalum - Bedouin's Paradise - tenor     (Jeanne Newhall album)                
Kirk Whalum - Big Ol Shoes - tenor              (Album: Roundtrip)                          Listen
Kirk Whalum - Cannonesque - tenor              (Album: Colors) 
Kirk Whalum - Do You Feel Me - tenor        (Album: Into My Soul)                      Listen
Kirk Whalum - Fit to Battle - 3 tenor parts            (YouTube)                               Video
Kirk Whalum - Hold On I'm Coming - tenor         (Album: Into My Soul)  
Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You - tenor    (Live at Nokia Theatre 2013)     Video
Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You - tenor   (Live at The Rock, UK)             Video
Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You - tenor       (YouTube)                        Audio    Video
Kirk Whalum - Lover for Life - tenor             (Album: For You)  
Kirk Whalum - Playing with Fire - tenor         (Album: Unconditional)          
Kirk Whalum - Song for Evan - tenor            (Album: Unconditional)                     Listen
Koru - I Believe - tenor                                                                                        Video
Lambert McGaughy - The A Team - soprano                                                        Video
Lee Byung Ju - My Way - alto             (YouTube:  )   
LeRoi Moore - Lie In Our Graves - tenor sax solo        (Dave Matthews Band-Live at Red Rocks 1995)
Los Toros Band - Los Saxofones - alto     (Album: Toromania)                              Listen
Los Toros Band - Rescate Tipico - alto     (Album: Raices)                                     Listen       
Lucas Mota - Sonda Me - alto                                                                                Video
Maceo Parker - Blues for Shorty Bill - alto        (Album: Southern Exposure)         Listen
Maceo Parker - Do You Love Me - alto           (Album: Funk Overload) 
Maceo Parker - Hallelujah I Love Her So - alto  (Album: Mo Roots)  
Maceo Parker - Hamp's Boogie Woogie - alto   (Album: Mo Roots) 
Maceo Parker - I've Got Work To Do - alto      (Album: Dial MACEO) 
Maceo Parker - I Wish - alto      (Soul Classics)      first 5:00                                  Video
Maceo Parker - Jack's Back - alto   (Album: Mo Roots)   
Maceo Parker - Just Funkin Around - alto     (AWB feat. Maceo Parker 12" Live Mix)    Listen
Maceo Parker - Keep on Marching - alto         (Album: Southern Exposure) 
Maceo Parker - Pass the Peas - alto         (YouTube: )
Maceo Parker - Rabbits in the Pea Patch - alto           (Album: Dial MACEO)       Listen
Maceo Parker - Sister Sadie - alto   (Album:  Mo Roots)     Head & solo   
Maceo Parker - Walking Home Together - alto & tenor   (Album: Southern Exposure)     Listen
Maceo Parker - Youth of the World - alto 
Madness - Madness - tenor                                                                                   Listen
Manu Dibango - All of Me - tenor      (reggae)                                                       Video
Manu Dibango - Killing Me Softly - alto       (Balade en Saxo)                               Video
Manu Dibango - Ode to Billy Joe - alto        (Balade en Saxo)                                Video
Manu Dibango - When A Man Loves A Woman - alto                                           Video
Marc Macisso - Just My Imagination - alto       (YouTube)                                      Video
Marcos Bonfim - O Lamento De Israel - alto                                                          Video
Mariah Carey - Hero - alto instrumental               (YouTube: )
Marion Meadows - A Secret Place - soprano     (Album: Another Side of Midnight) 
Marion Meadows - Deska - soprano                  (Album: Players Club)
Marion Meadows - La Samba - soprano            (Album: Next To You)     
Marion Meadows - Sweet Grapes - soprano         (Album: Player's Club) 
Marion Meadows - Whisper - soprano sax             (Album: Whisper)                    Video
Mark Bunney - Total Praise - alto         (YouTube)                                                 Video
Mark Maxwell - Ain't No Sunshine - tenor                                                            Video
Matt Wilson - Tenderly - trumpet             (Album: The Scenic Route)                     Listen
Matthew Stone - All Blues - soprano            (YouTube)                                          Video
Matthew Stone - Body and Soul - tenor        (YouTube)                                         Video
Matthew Stone - Cry Me a River - tenor       (YouTube)                                         Video
Michael Brecker - Groovus Interruptus - tenor     (Album: Dennis Chambers-Outbreak)      Listen
Michael Brecker - Summertime - tenor         Live with Pat Metheny Quartet 2000       Listen
Michael Brecker - Tumbleweed - tenor      (Album:  Pilgrimage ) 

Michael Lington - Harlem Nocturne - alto    (Album: Michael Lington)       
Michael Lington - Lovely Day - alto            (Album: Pure)
Michael Lington - Road Trip - alto              (Album: Pure)    
Mike Burton - Just To Get By - alto      (Album: Marcus Johnson-Just Doing What I Do)     Listen
Mike Phillips - 86th and Broadway - alto   (Album:  Uncommon Denominator)   -first 3:00-
Mike Stern - Who Let The Cats Out - tenor & concert part
Mindi Abair - Bloom - alto            (YouTube)                                               Audio            Video
Mindi Abair - Imagine - alto          (YouTube)                                                Audio          Video
Mindi Abair - Kick Ass - alto     (Album: Wild Heart)                                            
Najee - All Day Sucker/Easy Goin Evening - soprano/flute   (Tribute to Stevie Wonder)      
Najee - I Wish - alto      (Album: Greatest Hits)        
Najee - Knocks Me Off My Feet - flute       (Album:  Greatest Hits)    first 4:00   
Native Son - Coke Screw - tenor    (Album: Coast to Coast  Live in USA)            Listen
Nelson Rangell - A House is Not a Home - alto                                                     Listen
Nelson Rangell - Going All The Way - alto            (Album: Destiny)
Nelson Rangell - Grace - alto            (Album: Destiny)                                          Listen
Nicholas Payton - I'm Trying To Swing As Little As Possible - trumpet            Listen    Video
Nicholas Payton - The Backwards Step - trumpet                                                 Listen
Nick Cedillo - On My Knees - alto                                                                      Video
Nicky Manuputty - If You're Not The One - alto                                                  Video
Nigel McGill - Tears in Heaven - tenor                                                                 Video
Nikola Petrovski - Besame Mucho - alto                                                               Listen
Nino Sax - Merengue - alto        (YouTube)                                                           Video 
Norman King - Black Orpheus - clarinet         (YouTube)                                      Video
Norman King - Tequila - tenor       (YouTube)                                                        Video
Norman King - The First Noel - soprano   (YouTube)                                            Video
Orquesta la Boa - El Jugo de Cana - alto           (YouTube:
Paquito D'Rivera - Aņorado Encuentro - alto     (Album: Tico Tico)                        Listen
Paquito D'Rivera - Como Fue - alto     (Album: A Taste of Paquito D'Rivera)         Listen
Paquito D'Rivera - Prikitimpimpom - alto       (YouTube)                                        Video
Paquito D'Rivera - Tico Tico - clarinet    (Album: Tico Tico)                                    Listen
Patrick Curfs - Against All Odds - soprano     (YouTube)                                        Video
Paul Desmond - Le Souk - alto     (Jazz Goes To College)                                      Video
Paul McCandless - May or Mai - soprano        (YouTube)                                      Video
Paul Taylor - Alone With You - soprano       (Album: Undercover)                      
Paul Taylor - Come Morning - soprano    (Album: To Grover With Love)              Listen
Paul Taylor - East Bay Bounce - soprano      (Album: Nightlife)                               Video
Paul Taylor - Groove Zone - alto  (Album:  Pleasure Seeker)   
Paul Taylor - Juke Joint - tenor     (Album: Burnin)                                                  Video
Paul Taylor - Ladies Choice - soprano           (Album: Ladies Choice)                     Listen
Paul Taylor - Push to Start - soprano      (Album: Prime Time)  
Pete Christlieb - From Russia With Love - tenor    (Lori Mechem Qt-April in Paris)      Video
Peter King - But Beautiful - alto       (Album: Brother Bernard)                               Listen
Peter King - Dido's Lament - alto         (Album: Tamburello)            Solo only 
Phil Dwyer - Sunday Morning - tenor                                                                     Listen
Phillip Martin - Can't Help It - alto         (Album: Good Day at Work)
Phillip Martin - It's U - alto                 (Album: Pride & Joy)                                   Video
Phillip Martin - Lullaby - alto          (Album: Pride & Joy)
Richard Elliot - Calle del Soul - tenor               (Album: Soul Embrace)
Richard Elliot - Chill Factor - tenor         (Album: Chill Factor)                                Video
Richard Elliot - Mikayla's Smile - soprano        (Album: Chill Factor)  
Richard Elliot - Well Hold On A Second - tenor      (Album: What's Inside)
Richard Elliot - Who - tenor              (Album: Chill Factor)                                     Video
Ritmo Intacto - Indigena - tenor                                                                              Video
Robert Williams - Amazing Grace - alto & concert key     (first 3:30)                       Video
Roberto "Tito" Hinojosa - Oye Como Va - tenor                                              Listen        Video
Roger DeMoura - My Way - alto               (YouTube: )
Romantic Sax - When a Man Loves a Woman - tenor      (YouTube)                     Video
Ron Goosley - What's Going On - tenor                                                                Video
Ronnie Cuber - Filthy McNasty - bari     (Serbia Jazz Fest-YouTube)                     Video
Ronnie Laws - All The Time - tenor      (Album: Fever)                                  
Ronnie Laws - Friends & Strangers - soprano  (Album: Friends & Strangers)
Ronnie Laws - Nuthin bout Nuthin - tenor        (Album: Friends & Strangers)
Roy Styffe - Wintersweet - alto          (Album: Don Thompson's BANFF Jazz All-Stars)               Listen
Rubens Mariano - If I Ain't Got You - 2 altos       (YouTube)                                 Video
Rudy Rodriguez - Cristo es mi Senor - alto           (YouTube:  )  
Rudy Rodriguez - Renuevame - alto                                                                        Video
Rudy Rodriguez - Tu Amor Por Mi - alto             (YouTube)                           Audio       Video
Sadao Watanabe - Gary - alto          (Album: The Great Jazz Trio)
Sade - Smooth Operator - tenor             (Album: Diamond Life) 
Sandro Scuoppo - Adagio - alto                                                                             Listen
Sandro Scuoppo - In Your Eyes - alto                                                                    Listen
Sandro Scuoppo - What a Wonderful World - alto                                                  Listen
Santana - Black Magic Woman - lead guitar transposed to tenor         (Album: The Best of Santana)