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                                        SOPRANO SAX SHEET MUSIC:

ARTIST                 SONG                    INSTRUMENT
Aaron Bing - Keep It Movin - soprano          (Album: Secret Place)                       Listen
Andy Gayle - One Love - soprano       (YouTube )                                                 Video
Art Porter - Autumn in Europe - soprano         (Album: Straight to the Point)  
Art Porter - Inside Myself - soprano                (Album: Pocket City)                      Listen
Bill Withers - Use Me - alto, soprano, tenor    (Album: Motown-Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals)    Listen
Bob Marley - One Love - soprano       (YouTube)                                                 Video
Boney James - Ain't No Sunshine - soprano      (Album: Seduction)
Boney James - Creepin - soprano        (Album:  Trust )  
Boney James - Dedication - soprano         (Album: Shine) 
Boney James - Fortune Teller - soprano     (Album: Future Soul)                            Video
Boney James - Kyoto - soprano          (Album: Trust)  
Boney James - You Never Know - soprano      (Jim Brickman album)                     Video
Branford Marsalis - Roxanne - soprano         (Live with Sting 1985)                       Listen
Branford Marsalis - The Russia House - soprano                                                    Listen
Brian Smith - Moonlight Sax Medley - tenor & soprano                                         Listen

Dave Koz - Awakenings - soprano          (Album: Off the Beaten Path)                    Video
Dave Koz - Beneath the Moonlit Sky - soprano      (Album:  A Smooth Jazz Christmas)  
Dave Koz - Schindler's List - soprano      (Album: At The Movies)                         Video
Dean Fraser - Day O - soprano         (Album: More Reggae for Kids)                     Listen
Ed Calle - Sabor a Mi - soprano     (Album: Sax Appeal)                                       Video
Eric Marienthal - Hold On My Heart - soprano/alto   (Album: Street Dance)           Video
Euge Groove - A Summer Nights Dream - soprano      (Album: Born 2 Groove)     Listen 
Euge Groove - Cabolicious - soprano     (Album: Livin Large)                               Video
Euge Groove - Cafe Del Soul - soprano    (Album: Born 2 Groove)                      Video
Euge Groove - Just Feels Right - soprano        (Album: Just Feels Right)  
Euge Groove - Tenderly - soprano               (Album: Sunday Morning)                    Video    
Everette Harp - He'll Never Leave - soprano     (first 3:55)                                    Video
Everette Harp - There's Still Hope - soprano        (Album: Everette Harp)            Video
Everette Harp - When I Think Of You - soprano        (Album: Everette Harp) 
Fausto Pappetti - Moon Flower - soprano                                                            Video
George Howard - Exodus - soprano      (Album: Midnight Mood)                         Video
George Howard - When A Child Smiles - soprano     (When Summer Comes)   
Grover Washington Jr. - Asia's Theme - tenor & soprano       (Album: Paradise)   
Grover Washington Jr. - Can You Stop the Rain - soprano    (Album: Soulful Strut)               Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - E Preciso Perdoar - soprano     (Album: All My Tomorrows)            Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Friendship - soprano                                                 Listen       Video
Grover Washington Jr. - Overjoyed - soprano     (Album: All My Tomorrows)         Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Paradise - soprano             (Album: Paradise)
Grover Washington Jr. - Reaching Out - soprano      (Album: Come Morning)
Grover Washington Jr. - Sausalito - soprano        (Album: Live at the Bijou)
Jeff Kashiwa - Peace of Mind - soprano     (Album: Peace of Mind)                       Video
Jeff Kashiwa - Simple Truth - soprano       (Album: Simple Truth)                            Video
Kenneth Williams - Ribbon in the Sky - soprano                                                     Video
Kenny G - Bossa Real - soprano     (Album: Brazilian Nights)                                 Video
Kenny G - Esther - soprano        (Album: Live)                                                       Video    
Kenny G - Everytime I Close My Eyes - soprano      (Album: Greatest Hits) 
Kenny G - G Bop Live - soprano    (Album: Brazilian Nights Deluxe Edition)         Listen
Kenny G - Loving You - soprano           (Brazilian Nights Deluxe Edition)    
Kenny G - Peruvian Nights - soprano     (Album: Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - Sabor a Mi - soprano              (Album: Rhythm & Romance) 
Kenny G - Salsa Kenny - soprano           (Album: Rhythm & Romance) 
Kenny G - Sax o Loco - Leadsheet in C and Bb            (Album: Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - Tango - soprano                      (Album:  Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - The Shadow of Your Smile - soprano  (Album: I'm in the Mood for Love)     Video
Kenny G - Three of a Kind - soprano/alto/tenor     (Album: Duotones)                   Listen
Kenny G - You're Beautiful - soprano       (Album: I'm in the Mood for Love)         Video
Kenny Garrett - Delta Bali Blues - soprano               (Album: Simply Said)
Kenny Garrett - Simply Said - soprano    (Album: Simply Said) 
Kim Waters - Feelin Single - soprano    (Album: Streetwize-Feelin Sexy)
Kim Waters - Got to Give it Up - soprano    (Album: You Are My Lady)                Video
Kim Waters - Peaceful Journey - soprano        (Album: Peaceful Journey)
Kim Waters - Soulful Strut - soprano     (Album: One Special Moment)
Kim Waters - Steppin Out - soprano   (Album:  All For Love)
Kim Waters - Sunny - soprano             (Album: Love's Melody)                             Video
Kim Waters - You Are My Lady - soprano          (Album: You Are My Lady)
Lambert McGaughy - The A Team - soprano                                                        Video
Marion Meadows - A Secret Place - soprano     (Album: Another Side of Midnight) 
Marion Meadows - Deska - soprano                  (Album: Players Club)
Marion Meadows - La Samba - soprano            (Album: Next To You)     
Marion Meadows - Sweet Grapes - soprano         (Album: Player's Club) 
Marion Meadows - Whisper - soprano sax             (Album: Whisper)                    Video
Matthew Stone - All Blues - soprano            (YouTube)                                          Video
Najee - All Day Sucker/Easy Goin Evening - soprano/flute   (Tribute to Stevie Wonder)
Najee - Betcha Don't Know - soprano   (Album: Najee's Theme)                          Video
Najee - Day by Day - soprano      (Album: Day by Day)                                       Video
Najee - Sweet Summer Nights - soprano   (Album: Mind over Matter)                   Video
Najee - What You Do To Me - soprano    (Album: Najee's Theme)                       Video
Norman King - The First Noel - soprano   (YouTube)                                            Video

Patrick Curfs - Against All Odds - soprano     (YouTube)                                        Video
Paul McCandless - May or Mai - soprano        (YouTube)                                      Video
Paul Taylor - Alone With You - soprano       (Album: Undercover)                 
Paul Taylor - Come Morning - soprano    (Album: To Grover With Love)              Listen
Paul Taylor - East Bay Bounce - soprano      (Album: Nightlife)                               Video
Paul Taylor - Ladies Choice - soprano           (Album: Ladies Choice)                     Listen
Paul Taylor - Push to Start - soprano      (Album: Prime Time)  
Richard Elliot - Mikayla's Smile - soprano        (Album: Chill Factor) 
Romantic Sax - How Deep Is Your Love - soprano & tenor                                   Video
Ronnie Laws - Friends & Strangers - soprano  (Album: Friends & Strangers)
Sam Levine - Breathe - soprano    (Album: Smooth Worship)                                Video
Sam Levine - The Heart of Worship - soprano   (Album: Smooth Worship)            Video
Tim Warfield - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes - soprano                              Listen         Video
Walter Beasley - Let's Stay Together - soprano     (Album: Tonight We Love)         Video
Walter Beasley - Private Time - soprano & alto   (Album: Private Time)
Walter Beasley - Rendezvous - soprano           (Album: Rendezvous) 
Walter Beasley - Three Way - soprano      (Album: Rendezvous)
Warren Hill - Fallen - soprano         (Album: Love Songs)
Warren Hill - Mojo - soprano       (Album:   La Dolce Vita)                                   Listen
Warren Hill - Your Place or Mine - soprano   (Album: Devotion)