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                                        TENOR SAX SHEET MUSIC:

ARTIST                 SONG                    INSTRUMENT
Abdullah Ibrahim - Mannenberg - tenor         (Album: Voices of Africa)                  Video
Allen Stone - Unaware - tenor sax cover                                                                Video
Andrea Bocelli - Besame Mucho - vocal transposed to alto/tenor                   Listen          Video
Aubra Graves - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - tenor      (YouTube)                             Video
AWB - Pick up the Pieces - tenor & alto     (Album:  The Best of AWB)     
AWB - Soul Mine - tenor                  (Album: Soul Tattoo)                                     Listen
Bad Manners - Special Brew - tenor                                                                     Listen
Basil Coetzee - Black & Brown Cherries - tenor     (Album: Black Lightning)          Video
Ben Webster - Satin Doll - tenor                                                                            Video
Beyonce - Halo - alto & tenor           (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK6I54R4wtA  ) 
Bill Withers - Use Me - alto, soprano, tenor    (Album: Motown-Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals)    Listen
Bob Marley - Stir It Up - tenor             YouTube                                           Audio         Video
Boney James - Batucada - tenor & trumpet parts     (The Beat)                              Video
Boney James - Grazin in the Grass - tenor      (Album: Shake It Up)   
Boney James - Hold On Tight - tenor           (Album: Send One Your Love)           Video
Booker Ervin - White Christmas - tenor                                                                  Video
Boots Randolph - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - tenor                           Listen
Boz Scaggs - T Bone Shuffle - -tenor    (Album: Come On Home)                         Video
Branford Marsalis - O Solitude- alto & tenor      (Album: Braggtown)    
Brian Lange - The Nearness of You - tenor                                                            Video
Brian Smith - Moonlight Sax Medley - tenor & soprano                                         Listen
Brian Smith - Songbird - tenor                                                                               Listen
Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk - trumpet/tenor sax/trombone parts                             Video
Charlez360 - Come Away With Me - tenor       (YouTube)                                     Video
Charlez360 - Thank You  (Dido) - tenor           (YouTube)                                      Video
Charlez360 - Wish You Were Here - tenor        (YouTube)                                     Video
Charlie Rouse - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - tenor                                       Video
Charlie Rouse - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - tenor   (alt version)                  Video
Charlie Rouse - Straight No Chaser - tenor solo  (Album:  Monk in Tokyo)            Video
Chris Vadala - Give It All You Got - tenor                         (Album: Fun & Games)
Clipele Moldovei - Love Story - tenor                                                                   Video
Coleman Hawkins & Charlie Parker - Ballad / 1950 - tenor & alto                         Listen
Coleman Hawkins - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - tenor                                            Video
Dan Faulk - Carolyn - tenor      (Album:  J.J. Johnson - "Heroes")    first 4:30          Listen
David Newman - Hit the Road Jack - tenor    (I Remember Brother Ray)               Video
David Sanborn - Pick up the Pieces - alto & tenor    (Album: Kenny G - At Last/The Duets Album) 
David Sanchez - Cara de Payaso - tenor   (Live 1994 Heineken JazzFest)              Video
Denis Solee - As Time Goes By - tenor   (Album: Sax & Candlelight)                     Video
Denis Solee - Bewitched - tenor    (Album: Sax & Candlelight)                               Video
Denis Solee - Cry Me a River - tenor      (Album: Sax & Candlelight)       
Denis Solee - Do You Know What It Means - tenor   (Album: Travlin' Light)         Video
Denis Solee - Here's That Rainy Day - tenor   (Sax & Candlelight)
Denis Solee - I'll Be Seeing You - tenor   (Album: Love Letters)                            Video
Denis Solee - I'm Beginning to See the Light - tenor   (Album: Sax & Swing)         Video
Denis Solee - Laura - tenor    (Album: Blues in the Night)                                       Video
Denis Solee - Mack the Knife - tenor   (Album: Sax & Swing)
Denis Solee - Melancholy Serenade - tenor   (Album: Blues in the Night)                 Video
Denis Solee - My One and Only Love - tenor    (Album: Sax & Romance)              Video
Denis Solee - My Romance - tenor    (Album: Sax & Romance)
Denis Solee - On a Clear Day - tenor       (Album: Sax & Swing)                          Video
Denis Solee - One for My Baby - tenor   (Album: Sinatra on Sax)                          Video
Denis Solee - On Green Dolphin St - tenor   (Blues in the Night)                            Video
Denis Solee - Strangers in the Night - tenor   (Album: Sinatra on Sax)
Denis Solee - Tenderly - tenor    (Album: Sax & Candlelight)                                  Video
Denis Solee - The Very Thought of You - tenor   (Album: Sax & Romance)            Video
Denis Solee - When I Fall in Love - tenor     (Album: Sax & Romance)                  Video
Denis Solee - Willow Weep for Me - tenor    (Album: Sax & Romance)                 Video
Dennis Marcellino - Summertime - tenor    (Album: A Night To Remember)            Video
Dexter Gordon - Manha de Carnaval - tenor    (Gettin Around)                              Video
Diogo Pinheiro - I'll Make Love To You - tenor      (Boyz II Men)                          Video
Down to the Bone - Long Way from Brooklyn - tenor & alto  (Urban Grooves)      Video
Earth, Wind & Fire - Sun Goddess - tenor solo                                                      Video
Ed Calle - Motown Medley - tenor     (Album: Double Talk)                                    Video 
Eddie Harris - Do Like Eddie - tenor      (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umdDRvFcUoU )  
Eddie Harris - Listen Here - tenor     (Album: The Electrifying Eddie Harris)  
Eddie Lockjaw Davis & Johnny Griffin - Bingo Domingo - 2 tenors  (The Tenor Scene)    Video    
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Comin' Home Baby - tenor      (Jazz at the Widderbar)      Video
Eddie Lockjaw Davis & Johnny Griffin - How Am I To Know - 2 tenors   (Album: Tough Tenors) 
Edgar Abraham - Mirame Mas - tenor                                                         Audio         Video
Elan Trotman - Earth, Wind, & Fire medley - tenor                                                 Video
Elan Trotman - Heaven In Your Eyes - tenor        (Album: Love & Sax)                   Video
Elan Trotman - Master Blaster - tenor    (Album: Tropicality)                                   Video
Elan Trotman - Michael Jackson/Bruno Mars medley - tenor  (Live)                        Video
Elan Trotman - Ride Along - tenor   (Album: Julian Vaughn-Ride Along)                  Video
Elan Trotman - Takin It To the Streets - tenor   (Studio James #70 YouTube)           Video
Emilio Castillo - Solo on "Squib Cakes" - tenor    (Album: Poncho Sanchez-Do It!)        Listen
Etta James - At Last - vocal transposed to tenor & alto                                        Video
Euge Groove - Faithful Central - tenor     (Album: House of Groove)                     Video
Euge Groove - House of Groove - tenor                                                                 Video
Euge Groove - Let's Get It On - tenor     (Album: Play Date)                                  Video
Euge Groove - Slow Jam - tenor    (Live in London)                                                Video
Euge Groove - Still Euge - tenor      (Album: Still Euge)                                           Video
Euge Groove - The Funky Bunch - tenor              (Album: S7ven Large)
Freddie Hubbard - Devil's Island - trumpet     (Album: Wayne Shorter-Giants of Jazz)        Listen
Gato Barbieri - India - tenor                 (Album: The Impulse Story)
Gato Barbieri - I Want You - tenor          (Album: Caliente) 
Gato Barbieri - Milonga Triste - tenor       (Album: The Impulse Story)
Gene Ammons - Ammon Joy - tenor     (Album: Groove Blues)                           Video
Gene Ammons - Blue and Sentimental - tenor   (Album: The 78 Era)                     Video
Gene Ammons - Blue Coolade - tenor   (A Stranger in Town)                              
Gene Ammons - Blue Greens & Beans - tenor   (Album: Blue Gene)                     Video
Gene Ammons - But Not for Me - tenor    (Album: Soul Summit)                          Video
Gene Ammons - Carbow - tenor    (Album: Up Tight)                                           Video
Gene Ammons - Easy to Love - tenor      (Album: Jug)                                          Video  
Gene Ammons - I Cover the Waterfront - tenor   (Album: Jug & Sonny)    
Gene Ammons - I Sold My Heart to the Junkman - tenor    (Album:  Gentle Jug Vol. 2)       Listen
Gene Ammons - I'm Beginning to See the Light - tenor     (Album: Boss Soul!)       Video
Gene Ammons - It's The Talk of the Town - tenor   (Album: Boss Tenor)              Video
Gene Ammons - Jug's Blue Blues - tenor    (Album: Jug's Blue Blues)                    Video
Gene Ammons - My Foolish Heart - tenor     (Album: Chess 1425)                      Video
Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt - Out Of It - tenor    (Album: You Talk That Talk)             
Gene Ammons - Savoy - tenor    (Album:  Boss Tenor)         
Gene Ammons - Soft Summer Breeze - tenor   (Album: Up Tight)                          Video
Gene Ammons - Song of the Islands - tenor        (Album: Up Tight)                       Video
Gene Ammons - They Say You're Laughing At Me - tenor   (A Stranger in Town)   Video
Gene Ammons - Three Little Words - tenor   (Album: Gentle Jug)                          Video
Gene Ammons - Under a Blanket of Blue - tenor   (Album: Gentle Jug)                  Video
Gene Ammons - Why Was I Born - tenor    (Boss Tenors in Orbit)                        Video
Gene Ammons - You Go to My Head - tenor     (Album: Angel Eyes)                    Video
Gerald Albright - Cheaper to Keep Her - tenor      (Album: Sax for Stax)
Gerald Albright - Get on the Floor - tenor        (Album: Pushing the Envelope)       Listen
Gerald Albright - Tenor solo on Impressions   (Album: Live at Birdland West)        Listen
Gerald Albright - Walker's Theme - tenor    (Album: Kickin It Up)                                Listen
Gerald Albright - Walkin Down Beale St - alto & tenor       (Album: Sax for Stax)
Gerald Albright - Who's Making Love - tenor    (Album: Sax for Stax)                    Video
Greg Vail - Equinox - tenor                               (YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcwYlcyxkl8 )  
Greg Vail - Sugar - tenor                                  (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/gvSAXBOY#p/c/02FA399C57B54054/0/18u_cBkdZ6E  )
Greg Vail - When Sunny Gets Blue - tenor        (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/gvSAXBOY#p/c/21/q7tz2J3cAh0 )    
Grover Washington Jr. - Asia's Theme - tenor & soprano       (Album: Paradise)   
Grover Washington Jr. - Black Frost - tenor   (Album: Mister Magic)                      Listen

Grover Washington Jr. - Black Coffee - tenor        (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl4xrj_fksA  )
Grover Washington Jr. - Juffure - tenor      (Album: Live at the Bijou)  
Grover Washington Jr. - Loran's Dance - tenor        (Album: Reed Seed)                Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - Maracas Beach - tenor      (Album: Reed Seed)
Grover Washington Jr. - Tell Me About It Now - tenor      (Album: Paradise)          Listen
Grover Washington Jr. - The Answer In Your Eyes - tenor       (Album: Paradise)
Hank Mobley - Bet! - tenor     (Album: Birth of Hard Bop)                                      Video
Hank Mobley & Lee Morgan - Close Your Eyes - tenor & trumpet sheets               Video
Hank Mobley - Solo on "Like Someone in Love" - tenor   (Jazz Messengers at Cafe Bohemia)     Video
Horace Silver - I'll Know - tenor & trumpet    (Album: Silver's Blue)                         Video
Horace Silver - My One and Only Love - tenor & trumpet parts  (Stylings of Silver)    Video
Horace Silver - Soulville - tenor & trumpet parts       (Stylings of Silver)                  Video
Ian Boyter - All of Me - tenor               (YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1CFv5LB9HA )
Ian Boyter - Besame Mucho - tenor                                                                        Video
Ian Boyter - Blue Moon - tenor                                                                               Video
Ian Boyter - Boogie Blues - tenor                                                                            Video
Ian Boyter - Summertime - tenor                                                                              Video
Ian Boyter - Sunny - tenor                                                                                       Video
Igor Gerzina - Funky Business - tenor    (Live 2015)                                                Video
Ike Quebec - Goin Home - tenor             (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba) 
Ike Quebec - Imagination - tenor              
Ike Quebec - Loie - tenor                        (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba) 
Ike Quebec - Me N You - tenor              (Album: Bossa Nova Soul Samba)  
James B. Smith - L.A. After Dark - trumpet    (Album: The Legend of Teddy Edwards)      Listen
James Carter - Laura - tenor    (Live at Carnegie Hall)                                            Video
Jessy J - Hot Sauce - tenor           (Album: Hot Sauce)                                           Video
Jessy J - Meant To Be - tenor       (Album: Hot Sauce)                                           Video
Jessy J - Tropical Rain - tenor       (Album: True Love)                                           Video
Jessy J - True Love - tenor           (Album: True Love) 
Jimmy Sommers - Europa - tenor      (Album: Time Stands Still)                              Listen
Joe Farrell - Spain - flute           (Album: Light as a Feather/Chick Corea)                Video
Joe McGlohon - Sunday Kind of Love - tenor   (Album: Reba Live)                        Listen
John Coltrane - I'm Old Fashioned - tenor     (Album: Blue Train)     
John Helliwell - Waly Waly - tenor    (Album: Creme Anglaise)                              Video
Johnny Ventura - Salsa Pa' Tu Lechon - alto, tenor, 2 trumpets                               Listen
Jon Hassell - Nature Boy - trumpet / flute               (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXmj9QcosoU
Jon Olejnik - B flat blues - tenor             (YouTube)                                   Audio             Video
Joshua Redman - Double Jeopardy - Leadsheet in C and Bb     (Album: Momentum) 
Joshua Redman - I Got You - tenor    (Album: Joshua Redman)  
Joshua Redman - Last Rites of Rock and Roll  - tenor  (Album: Beyond)                 Listen
Justin Ward - If I Ain't Got You - tenor                                                                    Video
Justin Ward - Love Yourself - tenor                                                                        Video
Justin Ward - See You Again - tenor                                                                       Video
Justin Ward - This I Promise You - tenor   (N'Sync)                                                Video
Justin Ward - When I Was Your Man - tenor    (Bruno Mars cover)                        Video
Kenny G - At Last - tenor      (Album: The Duets Album)                                       Listen
Kenny G - Champagne - tenor                                                                               Video
Kenny G - Pick up the Pieces feat. David Sanborn - tenor & alto     (Album:  At Last/The Duets Album)
Kenny G - Sax o Loco - Leadsheet in C and Bb            (Album: Rhythm & Romance)
Kenny G - The Girl From Ipanema - tenor             (Album: Classics in the Key of G) 
Kenny G - Three of a Kind - soprano/alto/tenor     (Album: Duotones)                   Listen
Kevin Bolton - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - tenor                                   Video
King Curtis - Night Train - tenor                                                                             Listen
Kirk Whalum - Afterthought - tenor               (Album: Roundtrip)
Kirk Whalum & Ron Brown - Amazing Grace - tenor & alto        (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMoQeybL_-c ) 
Kirk Whalum - All I Do - tenor               (Album: For You)                                  Video
Kirk Whalum - All I Do - tenor            (Live in Dothan)                                       Video
Kirk Whalum - Another Beautiful Day - tenor     (Album: Into My Soul)                Video
Kirk Whalum - Bedouin's Paradise - tenor     (Jeanne Newhall album)                
Kirk Whalum - Big Ol Shoes - tenor              (Album: Roundtrip)                          Listen
Kirk Whalum - Cannonesque - tenor              (Album: Colors) 
Kirk Whalum - Do You Feel Me - tenor        (Album: Into My Soul)                      Listen
Kirk Whalum - Fit to Battle - 3 tenor parts            (YouTube)                               Video
Kirk Whalum - Hold On I'm Coming - tenor         (Album: Into My Soul)  
Kirk Whalum - If You Want Me To Stay - tenor   (Album: Way Up!)                   Video
Kirk Whalum - If Only for One Night - tenor      (Album: Colors)                         Video
Kirk Whalum - I Receive Your Love - tenor       (Album: The Promise)                 Video
Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You - tenor    (Live at Nokia Theatre 2013)     Video
Kirk Whalum - I Will Always Love You - tenor   (Live at The Rock, UK)             Video
Kirk Whalum - Lover for Life - tenor             (Album: For You)  
Kirk Whalum - Miles Away - tenor    (The Rippingtons - Curves Ahead)               Video
Kirk Whalum - Minute by Minute - tenor    (Larry Carlton-Discovery)                  Video
Kirk Whalum - North Star - tenor     (The Rippingtons - Curves Ahead)                Video
Kirk Whalum - Playing with Fire - tenor         (Album: Unconditional)          
Kirk Whalum - Song for Evan - tenor            (Album: Unconditional)                     Listen
Kirk Whalum - That's the Way of the World - tenor   (Live - Dave Koz Cruise 2016)   Video
Kirk Whalum - The Wave - tenor             (Album: Roundtrip)                               Video
Koru - I Believe - tenor                                                                                        Video
Lauren Wood - Fallen - tenor sax fills                                                                      Video
LeRoi Moore - Lie In Our Graves - tenor sax solo        (Dave Matthews Band-Live at Red Rocks 1995)
Maceo Parker - Walking Home Together - alto & tenor   (Album: Southern Exposure)     Listen
Madness - Madness - tenor                                                                                   Listen
Manu Dibango - All of Me - tenor      (reggae)                                                       Video
Mark Maxwell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough - tenor                                      Video
Mark Maxwell - Ain't No Sunshine - tenor                                                            Video
Mark Maxwell - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - tenor   (Album: Saxophone II)
Mark Maxwell - Wang Dang Doodle - tenor    (Album: Saxomonica Blues)            Video
Matt Wilson - Tenderly - trumpet             (Album: The Scenic Route)                     Listen
Matthew Stone - Body and Soul - tenor        (YouTube)                                         Video
Matthew Stone - Cry Me a River - tenor       (YouTube)                                         Video
Matthew Stone - Moanin - tenor & trumpet     (YouTube)                                        Video
Michael Brecker - Groovus Interruptus - tenor     (Album: Dennis Chambers-Outbreak)      Listen
Michael Brecker - Summertime - tenor         Live with Pat Metheny Quartet 2000       Listen
Michael Brecker - Tumbleweed - tenor      (Album:  Pilgrimage ) 

Mike Stern - Who Let The Cats Out - tenor & concert part
Native Son - Coke Screw - tenor    (Album: Coast to Coast  Live in USA)            Listen
Nicholas Payton - I'm Trying To Swing As Little As Possible - trumpet            Listen    Video
Nicholas Payton - The Backwards Step - trumpet                                                 Listen
Nick Bisesi Groove Project - Uptown Strut - tenor        (Goin' Home)             
Nigel McGill - Tears in Heaven - tenor                                                                 Video
Norman King - After the Love Has Gone - tenor     (Earth, Wind & Fire)               Video
Norman King - Tequila - tenor       (YouTube)                                                        Video

Paul Taylor - Juke Joint - tenor     (Album: Burnin)                                                  Video
Pete Christlieb - From Russia With Love - tenor    (Lori Mechem Qt-April in Paris)      Video
Phil Collins - Against All Odds - tenor instrumental      (YouTube)                           Video
Phil Dwyer - Sunday Morning - tenor                                                                     Listen
Ray Gelato - Night Train - tenor          (YouTube)                                                  Video
Richard Elliot - Adia - tenor     (Album: Chill Factor)                                               Video
Richard Elliot - Calle del Soul - tenor               (Album: Soul Embrace)
Richard Elliot - Chill Factor - tenor         (Album: Chill Factor)                                Video
Richard Elliot - Reasons - tenor     (Live-2013 Smooth Jazz Cruise West)               Video
Richard Elliot - Take Your Time - tenor    (Album: What's Inside)                            Video
Richard Elliot - Well Hold On A Second - tenor      (Album: What's Inside)
Richard Elliot - Who - tenor              (Album: Chill Factor)                                     Video
Rick Braun/Euge Groove - Use Me - trumpet/tenor   (Kisses in the Rain)                Video
Ritmo Intacto - Indigena - tenor                                                                              Video
Roberto "Tito" Hinojosa - Oye Como Va - tenor                                              Listen        Video
Romantic Sax - How Deep Is Your Love - tenor & soprano                                  Video
Romantic Sax - When a Man Loves a Woman - tenor      (YouTube)                     Video
Ron Goosley - What's Going On - tenor                                                                Video
Ronnie Grieco - Ms. Grace - tenor                                                                        Video
Ronnie Grieco - Since I Fell for You - tenor                                                           Video
Ronnie Laws - All The Time - tenor      (Album: Fever)                                  
Ronnie Laws - Nuthin bout Nuthin - tenor        (Album: Friends & Strangers)
Rubens Mariano - I Will Always Love You - tenor    (Whitney Houston)                   Video
Sade - Smooth Operator - tenor             (Album: Diamond Life) 
Sam Butera - Night Train - tenor       (w/Louis Prima)                                            Video
Sam Levine - Awesome God - tenor      (Album: Sax for the Spirit)                         Video
Sam Levine - Blessed Be Your Name - tenor   (Album: Smooth Worship)
Sam Levine - In Christ Alone - tenor     (Album: Smooth Worship)
Sam Levine - Reminiscing - tenor & soprano  (Album: Sax in the City)                  Video
Santana - Black Magic Woman - lead guitar transposed to tenor         (Album: The Best of Santana)
Santana - Smooth - tenor sax instrumental                                                              Listen
Scott Hamilton - Autumn Leaves - tenor       (Album: East of the Sun)                      Listen
Scott Hamilton - How Insensitive - tenor        (Album: The Second Set)
Scott Hamilton - I'll Be Home for Christmas - tenor     (Album: Late Night Christmas Eve)   
Seamus Blake - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - tenor     (Mingus Big Band/Blues & Politics)      Video
Sensuous Sax - Let's Get It On - alto/tenor                                                            Video  
Sil Austin - Stardust - tenor                                                                                     Listen
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Champagne Life - tenor   (Hot Summer Soul)                    Video
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Crazy - tenor/alto     (Tribute to Cee Lo Green)                 Video
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Fantasy - tenor  (Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire)                Video
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Let It Be - tenor     (Tribute to the Beatles)                        Video    
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Sara Smile - tenor      (Album: Classic R&B Hits)                                                       
Smooth Jazz All Stars - That's the Way of the World - tenor  (Tribute to EWF)      Video
Smooth Jazz All Stars - What's Going On - tenor                                                   Video
Smooth Jazz All Stars - Yesterday - tenor    (Tribute to the Beatles)                        Listen
Sonny Rollins - Four - tenor      Alternate take     (Album: Alternatives)                   Listen
Sonny Rollins - Little Folks - tenor     (Album: Little Folks)                                     Video
Sonny Rollins - Tennessee Waltz - tenor      (Album: Silver City)
Sonny Rollins - The Everywhere Calyspo - tenor & piano    (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1FBKxFHAxI )    
Sonny Stitt - Alexander's Ragtime Band - tenor    (Album: Brothers 4)                     Video
Stanley Turrentine - Bird of Beauty - tenor    (Album: Wonderland)                          Video
Stanley Turrentine - God Bless the Child - tenor     (Album: The Soulful Saxophone of Stanley Turrentine) 
Stanley Turrentine - Let it Go - tenor  (Album: Let it Go)                                        Video
Stanley Turrentine - Sugar - tenor        (Album: Sugar)
Stanley Turrentine - Touching - tenor      (Live)                                                        Video
Steve Cole - Angel  (Live) - tenor           (YouTube)                                       Audio        Video
Steve Cole - Cry Me a River (Live) - tenor       (YouTube)                                      Video
Steve Wilkerson - The Work Song - tenor      (Album: It's a Blues Sorta Thing)       Listen
Terrell Stafford - Poster Boy - trumpet     (Album: Matt Wilson - "An Attitude of Gratitude")
Terrell Stafford - There's Blues Everywhere - trumpet     (Album: Alvin Queen- "I Ain't Looking At You")     Listen
The Champs - I'll Be There - tenor     
The Champs - Tequila - tenor     (alternate version)                                                Listen
The Jazz Crusaders - My Mama Told Me So - tenor         (Album: Those Southern Knights) 
The Mighty Bosstones - The Impression that I Get - tenor & alto                           Video
The Upsetters - Return of Django - tenor                                                               Listen
Tom Scott - Target  (Live) - tenor                                                                           Video
Totti Bergh - In A Sentimental Mood - tenor     (Album: Totti's Choice)                    Listen
Totti Bergh - My Funny Valentine - tenor      (Album: Totti's Choice)                        Listen
Train - Marry Me - vocal transposed to alto/tenor     (Live AOL Session)               Video
Ukosaxy - Desperado - tenor    (10th Anniversary Live)                                        Video
Unknown - Blues in G - tenor          ( YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-TgKlWUuhM  )     -Sax solo by Blake Wilkins-
Unknown - Je Suis Malade - tenor/alto                                                                   Listen
Unknown - Me & Mrs. Jones - tenor                                                                     Video
Unknown - Summertime - tenor        (YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN3TUYhaTUU  )    
Unknown - What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life - tenor                                 Video                 
Vincent Ingala - It Is What It Is - tenor        (Album: North End Soul)                      Video             
Vinicio Franco - Los Algodones - alto & tenor     (YouTube)                        Audio            Video
Wayne Shorter - Yes or No - tenor               (Album: JuJu)     
Yellowjackets - Downtown - tenor sax     (melody & chords)    
Zoot Sims - That Old Feeling - tenor          (Album: Zoot)                                Audio       Video
Zoot Sims - They Can't Take That Away from Me - tenor                                        Video